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Hands on the wheel of an automobile in the night
green signs and dotted lines working their way home
trails of lights shine from hear to Albequerque as I drive
foggy rainy highway all alone
many times have I rambled these roads so distant
brokedown towns and back alleys of this overburdened land
you can drive three days straight to get to California
dip your toes in that west coast sand

Lonely Frisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur with the blues
pieces of the puzzle in spite of all the signs
out beneath the stars in the cold desert sands
you could see the bright lights of Las Veags
still beating out the time
and I lost myself in the moment of dreaming of the men who came before
wonder what road they may have traveled just to walk through the very same doors
wonder if Ive taken that road, like some kind of essential coincidence
these complex paths we choose wonder what will happen next
just the feeling of not knowing how things may turn out
just the facts come rain or shine they alway will
my worries just became strictly basic eat, drink, sleep and dream
and look for your own space to fill
the millions all around still going on with the flow
unaware the winds keep changing baby no matter which way we go

while the earth still spins and waits for something to protect it
the storm creeps up on you when you least expect it
the hour was getting late, my head seemed clear
the road so long, and my time so near
thunder roars with the coming stom
mixed itself with the highways howls and moans, brakes and hissing gears
shadows cast down on my face from the lamp post and bilboard signs
on and on across this state f being baby across another state line
and the winds picked up a notch and the rain came down in sheets
can you hear it on the rooftop just wailing to a beat
seemingly endless soaking night into a page of yesterday
tomorrow wonders how it all got away
tonight Im taking backroads on flat deolate plains
wipers keeping tme to the raw relentless rain