1. wildflower

From the recording Without a Fight


Wildflower how do you grow so simple and yet so strong
who helped you through the times that were going wrong
come to me in my daytime need follow in the gentle night
living in circles beneath the city street lights
come again, its just the rain
if it follows you and soothes the pain
wraps you up in the moment as the daytime crawls across your floor
brings you back when youve had enough, when you can take no more

with your signs pointed east, and classics works by Kerouac
you have been waitng for it all to come along without looking back
if life sometimes comes down to whats left undone
you thought by now Id go blind by staring at the sun
whats the point, whats the cost
if it follows you even when youre not
exploring possibilities in the hands of this modern man
if it all comes tumbling down around maybe you can take a stand

by now I think my head will clear and I think you will make it to
grow up to take care of the ones taking care of you
if I should pass this way tomorrow I wont second guess
one lonely wildfower in a city that will never rest
if you pray for rain, if you pray for sun
pray for all the damage done
maybe we will brighter from now on becasue today weve learned
that wildflowers will keeping growing anyway