1. backroads

From the recording Without a Fight


Swept into the deep overcome by the tide
pulled in by the current for one wild ride
lost in the ripple I was caught in the middle
dreaming in color, and speaking in riddles

silenced by sound, captured by the tone
the sound of the highway when you are all alone
taking backroads but I dont know where they lead
people standing on the edge waiting to be freed

a million open doorways, which on will you take
another mind fades as the baby awakes
end of the beginning or so it goes
those plastic peope never look past the tips of their noses

left out in the rain and I was weathered by the storm
walking down these lonley streets at four in the morning
when there is no where left to turn, only then can you make a new start
sometimes the best ideas occur after it all falls apart

generations whisper, others cry out
who is to stand before truth beyond the shadow of a doubt
and knowledge is just another word these days
underminded by opinions and lost in the haze
everyday we can change a little the more and more we know
if everyday we die a little then surely every day we grow
will you be with me when that sund goes down on that sweet southern skyline
days keep turning and these years just go on by