From the recording Without a Fight

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Bustling busy bumper cars stroll the overburdened slabs of concrete
engulfing a land from end to end here we are going with the beat
minutes forming hours into days gone by time wasted on being content
generations come and gone simply washed out with the current
wheels turn around working their way home
object of shiny metal in the night moving all along
red bricked buildings behind buring neons lights
hotel bars filled with locals
who came to meet a stranger in the night

the house is empty, tapestries in the windows the colors intertwine
you can still hear those street cars out there sputtering down the line
the night reminds me of you and so many that have come before
the coffee is getting cold and the rain it starts to pour
cant you hear it in the night
perfect harmony that keeps echoing delight
all those wrong turns whocould have guessed we could get it right
the beat rattles on but its such a tough way to go tonight

and the dark plays tricks on my eyes and my ears they hear the sounds
of the heavy turnpike traffic outside and the cold cold rain coming down
here I am in the dark removed and content in the untimely chance
somehow to ease myself out of this restless circumstance
once again through this nighttime masquerade and endless conversation
what happens next in this time of need for another situation
stopping only to shake off the cold and rest your weary feet
thoughts rambling form the mortal minds just keeping to the beat
the beat to keep