From the recording Without a Fight

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Dont you think about it too much
cant you hear that lonesome sound
the words can never convey the thoughts
of these troubles that bring you down
you dont have to speak
Ive been there many times alone
Im not here to tell you if its right or wrong
you must realize it on your own
I dont know where your going
but I know where you belong
such big steps for a small mind
right where youve been all along

She couldnt stand to listen to the same old words
to each comes their own reflects
but when the rain comes down on that lonely town
when it seems to all connect
the wind howls through the back of his mind
blows a bitter breeze against his face
dreams of enlightening shining stars
around his mind they race
if it all completes shape and form
scribbles into lines
should be so easy to find on this dimlit night
with the stars.... in the sky