1. Starlight

From the recording Without a Fight

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Starlight tonight feed my soul till the morning light
would you let me fade with you until the dawn
I know its not alot but right now its all Ive got
its how I continue on

Starlight I just might sleep on the ground tonight
think about were my feet have been
what does tomorrow have to offer
whirling thoughts like a helicopter
come and go, come and go again

Starlight dont you fade on me now
you got to help me make it through this somehow
I just cant do it on my own
walk on the only words I write
message from a falling star in the pale moonlight
walk on baby, you better walk on is all it said

Starlight tonight would you bring me some deep insight
on some of the chances that I need to take
sometimes these thoughts are too overbearing
they seemed like they were too busy tearing
into a life that just seems so vein.