From the recording Without a Fight

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Maybe I've been a little hard on you these last few days
it seems I might have found a compass that points another way
simple times have come and gone, but I hope it wont be long
and if you halfway right it means that I was halfway wrong
it wont matter in the long run, the past will always be
but if you come looking in the nights array, baby that would be...

Simpe symptom, a simple man tumbling down lifes' spiral again
the plot thickens the sinking sands, when time plays games on your mortal hands
quickly falling next in line, all waiting for a chance to shine
always wanting a vivid sign to remind me of better times
cause thats all you want, and its all you will ever need
nobody can take it away from you baby, thats all you need

So if youre trying, simplifying, thats allright with me
that Im buying, theres no denying thats all you want to be
just a passion, just a man, just another guiding hand
go back to basics and try another plan, before we truly understand
thats all we want, and its all we will ever need
nobody can take it away from us baby, its all we need