From the recording Without a Fight


Speak your actions, speak your mind
teach your wisdom and know your rhymes
no one else does it like you do
words so few and chosen yet words so true
It would be a shame for you to stay
but you know I hate to see you go
When the time comes my friend you must first learn
surrender to the flow

Clean it up it gets dirty again
whisper to a loved on to betray a friend
calm before the storm echoes in delight
morning rays sun basking arms of the night
the question isnt if its all worthwhile
the question seems to be is it worth your time
I dont know how to walk away but I know how to run
and chances fall like rain in the morning sun

I believe it will be allright just a little longer
if it doesnt kill you it will make you stronger
thats the reason we are all here tonight
did you think we'd go down without a fight

into the wildest lapse of reason finding rhymes
trying to figure out where they have been all this time
everybody walks the line we all pay our dues
sometimes we win and often times we lose