From the recording Time

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there he goes again on foot marching off into the night
but he doesnt know how to do the wrong for this reasoned right
the daytimes howls and his minds recoils of this passing phase
gun instructed salutations and the memories dont fade
making ripples in the ever ending chain the soldier slowly turns around
for the price of a life, one by one we go back into the ground
shooting stars falling fast, pushing past this unaltering sky
while the madonna holds the baby in her arms all the while
the smoke settles and the visions coming back
for now the bombs dont fall over the families mending cracks
theres a world out there suffering from the same self inflicted tragedies
and every couple decades we just revisit the parodies
you can never see eye to eye while holding a smoking gun
always making packs of peace after all the damage is done
solutions seem evident, bullets continue to fall in vein
a blue print of designed wisdom left out soaking in the rain. the reign
skip past the obvious when the history was handed to me
I saw people start trading in their possesions for apathy
no more could I just keep on fighting I had to take a step beyond
I let my instincts guide me through and let my words ......come
let them a ripple in time, and pass them around one step further
maybe something youve lost is something that Ive found or maybe anothers
when its time for me to go I'll make sure to pass it on
I never stopped to question the cycle, I just thought thats just the way things are done