1. Time

From the recording Time

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time time turning again,
dont look back to see where youve been,
its not time to turn back now
why all the sudden does it feel so new
all along thinking we could see straight through
just the same you know somehow
right on down and right back up
no one said it would ever be enough
no one dared to come along
back to front now taking the lead
just another persons probablility
another guy trying to right his wrongs
the moon outside is gazing into the hours of the night
wild beats from the drummer in the bar playing with all of his might
sidewalk shuffles and big oak trees
nightime giving away to the breeze
keep singing me them broken lullabies
men they come and women they go
everybodies going along with the flow
discover what they set out to find
and to the shore baby just you and I
go sit by the waters underneath the pines
so I can be alone with you
just breathe the air and take in the sounds
feel our hearts beating as we lay on this ground
somehow I feel that you always knew
knew all along, you were just waiting for a sign,
seems like they've lost everything just trying to keep up with time.
time time turning again
dont look back to see where youve been
its not time to turn back now, its not time to turn back now. Time