From the recording Time

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came to find, piece of mind, it was hidden in the cards
the answer came, in the form of rain, and all the things you are
but it left with you as I can see somehow I could never find the time
right or wrong I still cant tell, we'll know somewhere down the line

stone unturned, bridges burn, we build new ones everyday
happens fast, forget the past, keeps getting in the way
but watch what you leave behind, sometimes its all about the touch
when the answer becomes the question, but whose gonna be the crutch

BRIDGE: it came to me when I was down and out and nowhere to turn
rambling through collages of memory, and the wheels began to churn

inch along, singing songs, wait for dreams to manifest
gather stones, roll your bones, listen to the sounds progress
and if it molds into song and rights the wrong,
does it mean that I've lived up to this test
and tommorow morning knows, how last nights story goes
scatter the hard memories and pick up the rest