From the recording Time

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worried blues I just cant keep them from my mind
leaves fall like rain like the days just blow by
emotional ties so much stronger than loves drawn out lines
confined to a silent dream of chance in the moonlight
I sad goodbye, as the thunder rolled in
face of the past and the memory of a friend. whats the use in fighting, something deep down inside
we can split the diference and make a compromise
if we never try then how can we ever really know
stars up in the sky as the cold wind moans
it took me a while but I finally came around
it took me a while......
lost out on a few chances of my own
lost in a dream I wouldnt know till I was old
all this time spent searching for a pot of gold
dreams can always splinter or simply break the mold
sometimes you lose yourself in friends that you keep
often find myself out there lost in the memories.
so maybe if you see me now you could,
put your arms around me now and we could
shuffle the deck and play the game
so when tommorrow comes we'll, dance to the beating drums
and this world will go on just the same
once in a while,
once in a while,