1. Isabella

From the recording Time

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silence rings at a traffic light, three stars guiding me there tonight
no cars on the road pass me by, no clouds out in the midnight sky
just a boy with two cold feet, weary head on cobblestone streets
shuffle by in the biting breeze, hands in my pockets, and my minds eye on the queen

now and then it just feels right, to go see her in the pale moonlight
wonder who has passed her by , never knowing the beauty in those eyes

marble grey, desiree, arms open in gesture of gratefulness
three stars, parked cars, captivating, I must confess , the rest is a guess Isabella

when the birds have gathered around, sun comes up and is looking down
there she stands in her marble gown, in a cemetery right out side of town
no one comes to this place, regardless of her gentle grace
all in all its just the same, you see nothing changes maybe except the names