1. Monday manners

From The Recordings Html

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motionless I lay here contemplating the tide
wonder if its low out there with the sun on the rise
it seems like a good time to collect myself
maybe forget about the storm for a while

she goods for me, shes good for my soul
high and low tides, waves they break and roll
these monday manners got me reeling around
remembering where Ive been instead of where Im bound

somehow it just, seems to keep going on
never ending seashore, quietly plays the pawn
and the clock wont quit beating, but thats makes it allright
cause nothing else is moving on this warm summer night

how did I lose the path that brought me out this far?
do I just keep going forward into the nights surrounding stars
and when day breaks again is there time for another chance
maybe just one more, baby maybe just one more dance