From the recording Time

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Thunder rattles through the room
shadows swaying off the wall
the darkness comes much too soon
when lightning heeds the call

simplified by the tune
mesmorized by the sound
forgiven by the moon
when the curtain came crashing down

something has changed inside
seems like its changed for good
seems to be the reason we left behind
the things we never thought we could

I took some time to myself
I had to see through the disguise
is there such a thing as conscious health
when all you've been fed is lies

so I quit empowering the plan
I just didnt feel that way no more
maybe its time to take a stand
find out what we are really fighting for

when something changes inside
seems that it thas changed for good
seems to be the reason you left behind
the things you never thought you could

the rain reminds me of you
the simple way its coming down
washes old away to make a new
always comes back around