1. Minor walk

From the recording Time

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circled by the circumstance, waiting for that second chance
to come back and find what I've been searching for
thought I might find you here, I'm still a little unclear
holding these keys, all along, it was an open door
silence when, the bells chimed, in night time, sublime
smiling down, the angels eyes were wide, and staring deep inside

you can keep that attitude, that parts all up to you
but dont come knockin on my door no more
I'd rather speak in rhymes, tell you a second time
this game we play is not yours
we were tricked right from the start
dont believe me, then tell me whats your favorite part

my emotions keep running thin,I guess the condition I'm in
has me wrapped up tight in circumstance
no its not a time or place, its not about saving face
floats around a perspective glance
extending out for all, pretending not to call

whose got time for games, anyways there all the same
discombobulated anticdotes of rhyme
come into the world alone, into a life unknown
what stays is what we do here in this time